Here are a list of some helpful FAQs.
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What is Birò?

Birò is the smart, compact 100% electric City Car. The perfect alternative to a car in the busy city. The compact dimensions allow you to move around cleanly, flexibly and quickly through busy city traffic.

What’s the idea behind Birò?

Birò aims to be the alternative to a car in an increasingly crowded city and hopes to contribute to a sustainable and liveable city. Because of its compact dimensions, Birò occupies less space in the streets and keeps residents mobile, which leaves more room for public green spaces. Furthermore, Birò is 100% electric and emission- free, thereby contributing to a cleaner and quieter living environment.

Where does Birò come from?

Birò was created by Matteo Maestri. It was designed to contribute to a sustainable and liveable city. It’s an Italian product made by Estrima.
Who is Birò for? Birò is meant for anyone who wants to move around the busy city, or beyond, in a clean, flexible and quick way.

Where can I park my Birò?

Birò can be parked in car parking spaces. A Birò cannot be parked on the pavement or disabled parking space.

What is the maximum speed of a Birò?

The maximum speed of a Birò is 45km/h.

Where am I allowed to drive my Birò?

You drive your Birò on the main road. Driving on the bicycle path and motorway are not allowed.

Do I need a driving license?

In order to drive a Birò you must be at least 16 years old and in possession of a valid scooter drivers license. The insurance company can set additional terms.

Do I have to wear a safety belt?

Wearing a safety belt is mandotory.


Birò Big

Birò Box

Birò Limited Edition

Birò Winter

Sheild No freedom without safety

Safety is our top priority. The Birò frame is manufactured in steel tubing, making the cabin as strong and resistant as possible.

Fitted with disk brakes all around, you will have no trouble stopping.

The 100% electric motor means zero emissions, zero noise pollution and zero petrol consumption.
Recharge your energy
Easy move and easy Re-move

Birò’s energy is always with you, because it is the only 4-wheeled personal commuter to be fitted with the patented Re-Move removable lithium battery system. Once your Birò is parked, it is easy to remove the battery unit and take it to your house, or your office, or wherever is most convenient, to recharge your batteries with ease.