Birò Insurance

Thanks to the success of electric vehicles, more and more manufacturers are turning their attention to battery power. 

This success has also been helped by the growth in charging points across the country and motorists keen to cut their fuel costs and go green.

So, wondering how to get your Birò car insured?

Biro is a n introduction to the UK vehicle market and it takes time for all the insurance companies to update their ABI vehicle listings to be able to quote you a competitive rate for cover.

Many of the companies now have them listed under the manufacturer’s name ESTRIMA and then the model’s name you have chosen.

As your first call, you may wish to try Adrian Flux Electric Car Insurance who has the Biro range listed and are quoting competitive rates on 08003698590 or click here.

For more information on insuring your Birò car, contact our team today.

Adrian Flux