Now available in the UK
Biro I'm Easy.

Birò, the ultra compact. smart eco-friendly and silent vehicle.

Allowing you to travel freely in the restricted traffic zones of many cities and park easily in scooter spaces.
Sheild No freedom without safety

Safety is our top priority. The Birò frame is manufactured in steel tubing, making the cabin as strong and resistant as possible.

Fitted with disk brakes all around, you will have no trouble stopping.

The 100% electric motor means zero emissions, zero noise pollution and zero petrol consumption.

“I used to go to work in an SUV; it would take about 40 minutes. Now with Birò it takes me about 7 minutes”

Power of freedom
Maximum freedom for a complete driving vision

The Birò has a cabin with wide transparent surfaces to offer you a complete 345-degree vision.

The headrest, the armrests on both sides and the side doors provide comfort in an ultra-compact space, as well as protection against all weather conditions. The roof and rear windscreen can be opened, and the side doors removed to allow light and air in during the hottest seasons. Enjoy the city, Birò is the personal commuter for anyone who has clear ideas about mobility.
Recharge your energy
Easy move and easy Re-move

Birò’s energy is always with you, because it is the only 4-wheeled personal commuter to be fitted with the patented Re-Move removable lithium battery system. Once your Birò is parked, it is easy to remove the battery unit and take it to your house, or your office, or wherever is most convenient, to recharge your batteries with ease.

Fast charge + long range
A quick and quiet top speed of 25 mph
  • Lithium Maxi Battery with a range of 62 miles (44.4 V non-removable battery)
  • Lithium Re-Move with a range of 34 miles (removable battery)
  • Fixed battery: Charging time 3-6 hours (110v)
  • Removable battery: 2 -4 hours (110v)
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For more information about the Biro sales or if you want to plan a test drive, we have re-seller dealer ships available for some major city areas, please fill in the form here and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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