Birò Summer

The summer version of Birò, without doors, to experience the city without barriers

General Features:

  • 2 x 48V electric brushless motors
  • 4 x hydraulic disk brakes
  • Openable, tempered-glass sunroof
  • Reversing buzzer
  • Electronic Birò card
  • 3 point safety belts
  • USB port
  • Max Power: 3.3 kW
  • Energy recovery while braking
  • Charger: 220V
  • 41 litre compartment behind folding seats
  • 145/60 R13 Road Tyres
  • Handbrake & large rear view mirror
  • High density ABS on the front & rear
  • Maxi rear-view side mirrors


Maximum speed: 60 Km/h if the Birò has the Bolt set up; 45 Km/h otherwise. Boost: Pressing this button will give to you more power for a short time Gradeability: 20% maximum

Turning radius: From the center to the outer wheel: 2800mm radius Minimum turning circle between walls: 6m

Dimensions :

(A) Width: 1,030mm
(B) Height: 1.565mm
(C) Height above the ground: 190mm
(D) Length: 1,740mm


One is located behind the folding seats (41 Litres) A rear compartment locked with a key (41 Litres). Available only in the Birò with Lithium Maxi Battery.

Other small compartments: One is located under the odometer display; a second can be found to the right of the odometer display; a third behind the steering column; a fourth under the front hood.


Lithium Maxi Battery with a range of 100 Km or Lithium Re-Move with a range of 55 Km.

Get your own Birò Summer

Bank the bolt package

Birò Bolt is quick in city traffic, agile on high-speed roads
Bolt is a solution for current urban mobility needs, thanks to a maximum speed of 60km’h instead of 45km/h. The additional headlights and re-inforced frame make it safer, while the new suspensions make it even more comfortable.

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Biro Summer Benefits: Compact, Electric, and Stylish

Compact Agility: Maneuver effortlessly through crowded summer streets with the Biro’s compact size and agile design. Say goodbye to parking woes and enjoy seamless navigation wherever you go.

Electric Efficiency: Embrace eco-friendly transportation while soaking up the summer sun. The Biro’s electric powertrain ensures zero emissions and a whisper-quiet ride, letting you explore with a clear conscience.

Versatile Range: Choose from two battery options – the Lithium Maxi Battery (100 km range) or the Lithium Re-Move Battery (55 km range). Tailor your Biro to match your summer plans, whether it’s a beach getaway or urban exploration.

Spacious Storage: Pack all your summer essentials with ease. The Biro provides ample storage compartments, keeping your gear organised and accessible for every adventure.

Safety and Comfort: Enjoy a safe and comfortable journey with the Biro’s reliable safety features, including hydraulic disk brakes and 3-point safety belts. Cruise confidently and make the most of your summer excursions.

Sunroof and Style: Soak in the rays and get in the spirit of summer! With the Biro’s sunroof, you can let in fresh air and sunshine brush over you to enhance your driving experience. With its unique design, you’re bound to turn heads wherever you go.

Make your summer memorable with the compact, electric, and stylish Biro. Embrace the freedom of the open road while minimising your environmental impact. Get ready for a “Biro Summer” filled with unforgettable moments and endless adventures!