Biro Classic Winter – Bolt

Biro Classic Winter – Bolt

New Pre-Registered WX70HXR

List price £14995.00 Special offer £11995.00 plus free Home delivery

Road tax Exempt


White Frame

White Bonnet

Milage -New, delivery milage only

Drive – Fully automatic electric Drive

Power 4.5kw

Key entry system

Heated front screen

Opening Sun roof

Opening rear screen

Personal umbrella

Satin Black Alloy wheels

Optional high-power headlights

Higher speed suspension with anti-roll bar and rear torsion bar

Interior Trim

Special individual custom Red and white interior trim

Running Cost

Approximately 1.5 pence per mile (subject the energy price)

Luggage compartments

Behind folding seat 41 ltrs

Lockable rear boot 41 ltrs

Front lockable bonnet 5 ltrs

Battery and charging

Energy recovery under braking

Fixed Lithium Battery 44 volt, built into the vehicle with up to 90km range (56 miles)

Battery charger built into the vehicle, with charging lead from 240 volt 13 or 16amp standard sockets

Only requires 1 kwh charging supply for 3-6 hours. full charge

Delivers up to 60km/h (37 miles per hour)

Vehicle dimensions

Width 103cm

Length 175 mm

Hight 156 cm

Turning radius 2800mm

Weight 350kgs

Vehicle and driving Category

Category L7e

Class AM

Requires standard driver’s licence

(Standard Classic model can be driven by 16-year-old drivers with a CBT licence)