How to keep your electric car battery charged in cold weather

How to keep your electric car battery charged in cold weather

With the unpredictability of the British weather, we never know when we could be hit with colder weather. Freezing temperatures often slow the chemical reactions on electrical vehicle batteries, reducing the charge they can hold. 

The outdoor temperature, both hot or cold, can affect how the speed at which the chemical fractions happen and, therefore affect their charging capacities. However, whilst warm weather can cause long-term damage, the cold is only temporary. 

Why do electric vehicles lose range in colder weather?

Like most things, electric vehicle batteries have optimum conditions, and anything else can affect performance. When the temperature drops the battery capacity also drops. Ions within the car battery slow down reducing the speed with they attach to the anode or cathode. This slows the chemical reaction down and reduces the amount of charge a battery holds. 

How much range is lost in cold weather?

Temperature-based range loss is not always guesswork: vehicles can factor outside temperatures into the estimated range shown on the dashboard. It is important to remember that these estimates change in real-time and can be updated throughout a trip.

How can you preserve an EV battery in winter?

There are several things that can be done to minimise range loss. A key thing is to charge your electric vehicle battery indoors. Biro Cars are fitted with the patented Re-Move removable lithium battery system. Once your Birò is parked, it is easy to remove the battery unit and take it to your house, your office, or wherever is most convenient, to recharge your batteries with ease.

If you are worried about running out of range, conserving heath and focusing on warming the vents nearest you can help stretch battery life as long as possible. 

It is also recommended to never let your car’s battery drop below 70%, as sitting at a low charge can damage the battery. Try to charge your battery overnight or at least ensure there is sufficient charge in the evening so that it can stay at a healthy percentage throughout the night. 

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