Biro Classic Winter – BIG – Bolt Special

Biro Classic Winter – BIG – Bolt Special

New Pre-Registered: WX70HXR

Road tax: Exempt


Vehicle Description

  • Special night Blue Frame
  • Night Blue Bonnet


  • Low mileage Demonstrator.


  • Fully automatic electric Drive


  • 4.5kw


  • Card entry system
  • Heated front screen
  • Opening Sunroof
  • Dropdown and lift up split tail gate
  • Large luggage capacity 446 ltrs
  • Satin Black Alloy wheels
  • Optional high-power headlights
  • Higher speed suspension with anti-roll bar and rear torsion bar

Interior Trim

  • Special Hand Made individual design Blue and Grey Leather

Running Cost

  • Approximately 1.5 pence per mile (subject to the energy price)

Luggage compartments

  • Behind seats 300 ltrs
  • Lockable rear boot 41 ltrs
  • Front lockable bonnet 5 ltrs

Battery and charging

  • Energy recovery under braking
  • Fixed Lithium Battery 44 volt, built into the vehicle with up to 90km range (56 miles)
  • Battery charger built into the vehicle, with charging lead from 240 volt 13 or 16amp standard sockets
  • Only requires 1 kwh charging supply for 3-6 hours. full charge
  • Delivers up to 60km/h (37 miles per hour)

Vehicle dimensions

  • Width 103cm
  • Length 175 mm
  • Height 156 cm
  • Turning radius 2800mm
  • Weight 350kgs

Vehicle and driving Category

  • Category L7e
  • Class AM
  • Requires standard driver’s licence
  • (Standard Classic model can be driven by 16-year-old drivers with a CBT licence)


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